Video: Chinese Bulker Washed Up in Russian Town During Storm

Video: Chinese Bulker Washed Up in Russian Town During Storm

A Chinese-owned bulker caused a stir in the Russian seaport of Kholmsk on Sakhalin Island in the northern Sea of Japan. Residents ventured out walking about the town’s main boulevard on the oceanfront to take pictures and videos of the Xing Yuan, which washed ashore during a storm.

The Xing Yuan, a 5,369 dwt vessel registered in Sierra Leone, transports aggregates. The vessel had arrived from Japan in ballast and was at the port when a storm approached. The captain reportedly decided to move from the anchorage to deep water, but the vessel apparently suffered a power failure or dragged anchor. On December 6, it was pushed up against the seawall sitting on the shoreline along the town’s oceanfront boulevard.

Local officials rushed to the scene on Monday but reported that the vessel was not asking for assistance. They determined there was a crew of 12 all from China and that the vessel was loaded with 103 tons of fuel.

Winds were gusting up to 30 mph and strong waves were seen breaking against the hull and the shoreline. After a meeting of the Committee for Emergency Situations, the town decided to guard the vessel while planning for divers to inspect the hull on Tuesday, December 7. They were looking for a plan to remove the vessel from the seafront.

Tuesday morning residents began to notice damage to the full. The Chinese captain later requested assistance with an evacuation of the vessel.  At the same time, the prosecutor’s office announced that it would be opening an inquiry into the grounding.