Step by step guide to join Merchant Navy in 2020

How to join Merchant Navy in 2020 after 12th

If I say about me, Merchant Navy for me is life line. I am a wanderlust.
I came to know about Merchant Navy when I was in class 11, I was seraching for career where i will get money while travelling. A list was opened and  the first career option listed was Pilot but it costs way too high, I scrolled down and there I first read the word Merchant Navy.
The information about Merchant Navy on Internet was very less and was not thorough. So I consulted with one of the Merchant Navy officer, it was very hard to find that guy . It was very tough to find all the things about Merchant Navy and to clear my confusion.
So, in my site I thought to give all the information with step by step guide to all the students who wants to join Merchant Navy.
This is for joining after 12th .


In My step by step guide how to join merchant Navy series you will get to know about how to join after graduation, after Btech etc.. Be connect with me…⚓⛵
First thing First,

What is Merchant Navy?

When I tell my relatives that I am in Merchant Navy they all think that I am in Indian Navy and a well settled government employee. Haha. First thing, Merchant Navy is totally Private sector. Secondly,do you know, Ships transports 90% of world goods. Ships sail through navigable seas, oceans or rivers and transport goods worldwide. Seafarers run the ship. There are basically 3 departments onboard. 1. Deck 2. Engine 3. Catering.

So now, you have some knowledge about Merchant Navy.
Let’s Start step by step guide to join Merchant Navy after 12th. 
merchant navy after 12


Step 1

Consult with persons who is in Merchant Navy

Confused??? Ok let me make your confusion vanish. This is very important to know things about your career field and the one who is in that field can only tell you about the field bright and darker side. If you have any relatives or you know anyone first consult them. If you don’t know anyone you can contact me in Insta or Facebook . @thingsmarine  – Instagram
Marine things.    – Facebook
Do you want a Merchant Navy Consultant who can guide you on your career and who can fill the gap between you and your dream Click HERE

Step 2


IMU is India’s largest maritime University. IMU conducts IMUCET Exam every year twice , December and June. Students who have been promoted from class 12 in PCM can give IMUCET. You can apply for IMU CET at IMU page directly. One thing you should know that the aggregate marks of your PCM must be above 60%. If you want to learn more about IMU click 

Step 3 

Scholarship for Job in Merchant Navy

As per new DG shipping rule all the cadets who are going to join merchant Navy have to get scholarship prior to joining. This great step has taken by government to reduce unemployment. Some colleges have connections with companies so some of the colleges can give you scholarship otherwise you have to visit companies, give interview get scholarship.

Step 4

Find Best Merchant Navy college

After you cleared IMUCET, according to your rank you will be alloted government colleges. Make sure you have been applied for counselling. The ones who don’t get government college don’t worry, In this field, government & private is almost same and irony is that some private colleges give better placements than government colleges. Search colleges, there are many private colleges, inquire about the colleges. If you want to ask me anything about colleges you can contact me on 

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