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Ship Fined €100,000 In Spain For Spilling Oil In The Mediterranean Sea

Ship Fined €100,000 In Spain For Spilling Oil In The Mediterranean Sea

Spain reportedly has detained an oil tanker and issued a fine of about €100,000 after an oil discharge was discovered in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Spanish government reportedly fined a ship when oil discharge was found in the Mediterranean.  

The transport ministry department of Spain has said that an oil spill was found close to the port city of Tarragona, per Reuters.  

Relevant authorities mentioned that aircraft and satellite radar sensors helped detect the discharge, which resulted in the vessel Lagertha.  

The slick, in the stern of the vessel, extended over 12.7 square kilometres, mentioned a statement by Spain’s Merchant fleet, a department from the ministry of transport.  

The statement added that the ship would be detained until the owners paid a bail of 100,000 euros. It said that further actions are going to be taken based on evidence.   

alking about the extent of the damage, the department mentioned that it could not gauge how much the oil spill had impaired the surrounding, as the ship was in the open sea.  

Per industry specialists, shipping activities in the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines in Spain, including oil transferring, also referred to as ship-to-ship (STS) activities, have turned out to be a major cause of concern.