Seeking jobs??? After completion of graduation in Merchant Navy

Top 10 websites for finding Merchant Navy jobs



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Websites to find Merchant Navy Jobs
Have you done your pre sea training???. If yes then you have come at right place. It’s a harsh truth, but truth is truth that No Merchant Navy college can give 100% placement at present. Yes,the institutions make amazing and eye catching advertisement written 100% placement but it’s all business strategies. 

              Here the internet makes entry like a “Hero”. There are websites which always updates on Merchant Navy job vacancies for Mariners. And yes this websites also gives job vacancy updates for cadets too, check this websites regularly so that you don’t miss any chance.
                 I have picked 10 such websites which are really helpful for Mariners finding jobs.

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1.Sea jobs
This is one of the such website where you will find regular updates on job vacancies.Popular in UK and Phillipines. You should check out this website regularly.

2.Sea career
This site offers both onboard and shore jobs. It’s a growing site , and they regularly posts vacancies for jobs.

3.All cruise ships
This site focus only on cruise ships. If someone who is interested in roaming all around  the world and get salary for this than he/she should go for cruise ships. Check this site regularly for cruise ships.

4.Maritime Connector
One of the most popular website for job hunting. Any job seeker should check this website. It provides regular updates on maritime jobs.

5.Job Atlas
This is not only maritime job site it provides job vacancies in various other sectors but it gives shipping jobs vacancies too.

6.Sea job hunt
A good improving site, providing jobs vacancies on shipping industries.

7.Maritime Career
A regular updating site. One should check this website when seeking jobs on shipping.

A world famous website for job seekers. Having job vacancies for almost every sectors in the world. It is one of the best sites for job seeking.

9. Indeed
Another highly popular sites for job searching and one of the best. Daily updates are being made on this site. A great website,have a look on it for sure.

Indian based website made for job seeker. Getting popularity from some years. It provides various job vacancies for various sectors.

This were my top 10 websites list.
If you know more website like this then comment below. Don’t forgot sharing is knowledge.

 Thankyou 😁