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Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Comes to the Rescue of 22 Cubans Stranded on Raft

Cruise Ship Passengers Cheer as Royal Caribbean Vessel Saves 22 Cubans on Raft

The Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas cruise vessel has saved almost two dozen people found floating on a raft between Cuba and Key West.

The rescue of the 22 individuals – identified as Cubans – took place on Thursday as the vessel was trying to stop in the Bahamas.

The vessel captain came on the PA and declared that there was a small ship, according to him, that they had observed and seemed like it was signalling for distress; Rich King, an Arizona-based traveller on the vessel, informed the station.

King added that the ship’s captain then told them that he received clearance from the US Coast Guard to proceed and approach the boat and remove people there.

He explained how they had been taking on water and that the ship’s engine had eventually broken down. They were on the seas floating for six days and finally got help.

After being on the Symphony of the Seas for about an hour, the Coast Guard, per King, reached to pick up the refugees.

The crew members and 5,000 passengers watching this unfold were cheering and happy to see the victims being rescued.