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Oil tanker Explosion by Iran?? — Sea of Oman

Oil Tanker Explosion by Mines 

Sea of Oman

Let’s first talk about Sea of Oman, It is a gulf that connects Arabian sea with the Strait of Hormuz, which then runs to the Persian Gulf. It borders Iran and Pakistan on the north, Oman on the south, and the United Arab Emirates on the west.

It have 4 Major Port

1. Po of Fujairah, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
2. Kh Fakkan Container Terminal, Khor                         Fakkan,United Arab Emirates
4. Po of Chabahar, Chabahar, Iran
5. Po Sultan Qaboos, Muttrah, Oman.

What happened on 13th June 2019?

One Japan Oil tanker was heading towards Tokyo from Sea of Oman. When the ship was crossing Strait of Hormuz, the ship had a blast because of mines present in Strait of Hormuz. The American War Ship rescued the crew members from the ship.
On Same day and on same place i.e in Strait of Hormuz an American oil tanker had blast due to the mines present there. But, this time unfortunately the American Ship wasn’t able to rescue the Oil tanker because of the drifting of vessel towards Iran. The ship is now under the Iran. That’s why American was not able to rescue the crew. 

May 2019 

Before going further, we should also have a look on what was happened one month ago. The same case has been happened to 4 oil tankers. And the 4 of oil tankers where of Saudi & UAE. Saudi & UAE combined had 4 Oil tankers only. But, the attack was not been identified due to lack of evidence.


After what happened on May 2019, the American was accusing Iran for this happening. But no other nation was with America for this not the European countries too.
Then America and Iran conflict started, America put economic sanction to Iran. But then also Iran position was good because of good Political support.

Is that done by Iran?

No one is a criminal until and unless some proof is there which proof the crime was done by that person. 
So as all are saying this was done by Iran? Is there any proof?
When American War Ship has successfully rescued the crew members from the Oil tanker, they took the war ship to a safe place and was doing spy on Oil Tanker by Drone.
And what Drone has captured shocked the World.
One Iranian boat came with Iranian crew on them came to the Ship position and was erasing the evidence, they were taking off the other mines which didn’t exploded. And the Drone has captured the video.
The Iran is now in very dangerous Condition as no one will support Iran on this and all is against Iran. 
As asked by Iran on this, they are saying they didn’t did anything and it was done by Saudi Arabia and America.

Middle East Media

The middle East Media which is a supporter of Iran, however is accusing Houthi Rebels for what has happened. Houthi Rebels are the people’s who are fighting against Saudi Arabia in Yemen. 
The reason behind is 
1. Yemen & Saudi Arabia Conflict
2. Iran & Saudi Arabia Conflict
3. Iran & America conflict

Motive of Iran behind this can be

As the proofs which has been given by America can be a fake proof as in today’s world making video like that is a very easy task
But If we take the video as genuine proof then there are 4 Motives of Iran coming up to do this.

1. Help of Houthi Rebels

The Houthi Rebels are trying their best to defeat Saudi Arabia. And as one Oil tanker was taking oil from UAE and another was from Saudi Arabia. and by doing this, may be Iran wants to send a strict message to Saudi Arabia to stop doing attact on Hospitals, School and buildings in Yemen.


2. Exciting America for War

After the America has put economic sanction to Iran, the Economic of Iran went very down and after some time it can be happen that the people of Iran will be against the present Iran Government and ultimately it may happen that they may have to resign. So if America starts the War then also this gonna happen but this will affect America too. And America knows that If war has been started between America and Iran it will not over in short time but it will take much time which can affect America too so America has already stated that they are not in mood of any war.


3. Iran Revolutionary Guards

Did you know, on 13th June when the Japan oil tanker has exploded, that time Japan Prime minister was on Iran only as a formal guest, The prime minister of Japan has visited Iran to talk for Iran and America conflict only and for this reason it seems that Iran government can’t be done this when Japan Prime minister is there only. So it can be Iran Revolutionary Guards, the Iran Revolutionary Guards are like a integral part of government, they have powers. And when the economic sanctions was put by America on Iran, the Revolutionary guards of Iran has been affected widely. And for this like, the Revolutionary guards wants war and other side Iran government wants to settle this down. Or it may happen a miscommunication between Iran government band Iran Revolutionary Guards.

4. Blocking Of Strait of Hormuz

If blocking of Strait is what Iran wants then it will be a suicide for them but it can be a motive behind this. 30% of oil is transport from Strait of Hormuz and if Iran block this, then it not only affects America Economy but also it will affect world’s economy and then whole countries will be against Iran even China also as China’s oil is also transport from there.

I hope you all now know the whole things behind 13th June case. 
For this information i would like to thanks a YouTube channel named as @Gyan Jara Hatke and also Wikipedia.
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