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Murder Case of Chief Engineer Sanjay Chaudhary

Unveiling the Enigmatic Demise of Sanjay Chaudhary: Suspicions of Machinations Aboard the M.V. Atlantic Olive Vessel

The unforeseen passing of Sanjay Chaudhary, a preeminent engineer aboard the M.V. Atlantic Olive Vessel, administered by Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, has engendered doubts concerning foul play. 

Chaudhary’s wife, in her formal complaint to the Chief of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), contends that her spouse’s demise resulted not from natural causes but rather from a deliberate plot orchestrated against him.

This piece delves into the assertions put forth by Chaudhary’s wife, the ensuing investigations, and sheds light on the broader challenges faced by mariners within the maritime domain.

Murder Case of Chief Engineer Sanjay Chaudhary
Accusations and Dubious Circumstances

Chaudhary’s wife unveils a succession of disconcerting events leading up to her husband’s demise.

According to her, Sanjay voiced trepidation and discontentment with his occupation, divulging his awareness of illicit operations such as contraband trafficking, armament dealings, and narcotic undertakings transpiring aboard the vessel.

He confronted the captain regarding these transgressions and voiced grievances concerning the substandard state of the machinery and lack of support from the company.

On April 17, 2018, Chaudhary’s wife received the astounding news of his abrupt passing due to acute cardiac arrest while fulfilling his duties.

However, she remained unconvinced by this explanation, suspecting the presence of malevolent intent.

She insisted on an autopsy and an inquiry into his demise, highlighting that Sanjay had enjoyed good health and possessed no prior history of cardiac ailments.

Upon receiving her husband’s remains, she noticed abnormal swelling on his visage, lacerations, marks, and protuberances on his physique, implying the possibility of assault or torture before his demise.

Furthermore, some of his personal effects were absent, intensifying her suspicions. The company refuted any impropriety and maintained that the autopsy report exhibited no signs of injury or aggression.

Commencement of Investigation and Accusations of Homicide

In May 2018, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) initiated an inquiry into the death of Sanjay Chaudhary.

In January 2019, the CBI lodged a formal charge sheet against four individuals, including the former Chief Operating Officer of Anglo-Eastern, Ranveer Thalod.

The charge sheet alleged that Chaudhary was the victim of a homicide orchestrated by Thalod and three other employees of Anglo-Eastern.

The ongoing trial continues to illuminate the evidence and circumstances surrounding the case. Chaudhary’s wife accuses the accused parties of exerting pressure on him to partake in illegal activities and subsequently eliminating him when he refused.

The charge sheet underscores the defendants’ apprehension that Chaudhary would expose the company’s unlawful practices.

A Pattern of Wrongdoing?

This is not the first occasion where Anglo-Eastern Ship Management has faced allegations of misconduct.

During the same month as Chaudhary’s demise, another mariner vanished while serving aboard a vessel under the company’s management, prompting suspicions of foul play.

Additionally, in 2009, a 23-year-old trainee onboard a container ship owned by Anglo-Eastern also disappeared, with the company abruptly terminating search and rescue operations.

Moreover, in 2013, the Directorate General of Shipping suspended the license of Anglo-Eastern’s Singapore unit due to safety lapses.

These incidents engender concerns regarding the company’s practices and their treatment of mariners.

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The perplexing demise of Sanjay Chaudhary and the subsequent allegations of foul play have cast a spotlight on the adversities faced by seafarers in the maritime industry. The accusations made by Chaudhary’s wife and the ongoing investigation by the CBI emphasize the urgency of implementing enhanced safety measures, accountability, and safeguards for the rights of seafarers.

This case also raises concerns about the practices of Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, as previous incidents and allegations of misconduct have been associated with the company. It is imperative that authorities conduct a thorough investigation into these claims and ensure the implementation of robust safety protocols to safeguard the well-being of seafarers.

The plight of seafarers extends beyond this specific case, as they frequently endure arduous working conditions, prolonged periods away from their families, and limited access to legal and medical support. The international community must address these challenges and collaborate on developing stronger regulations to protect the rights and safety of seafarers worldwide.

As the trial of the alleged perpetrators of Sanjay Chaudhary’s murder continues, it is our hope that justice will be served and the truth behind his untimely demise will be unveiled. This case serves as a poignant reminder that the maritime industry must prioritize the well-being and safety of its workforce, promptly addressing any instances of wrongdoing or misconduct.

In memory of Sanjay Chaudhary and all seafarers who have tragically lost their lives, it is imperative to advocate for transparency, accountability, and improved working conditions within the maritime industry, ensuring the protection and welfare of those dedicated to this indispensable global profession.