The increase in incidents in the Singapore Strait in the first half of the year was mirrored in the Asian region in general with 51 incidents of armed robbery and piracy reported in Asia in the first half of the year nearly double the number of 28 in the same period a year earlier. While the number of incidents was up the severity was generally low with 74% in ReCAAP’s ‘Cat 4’ which means the perpetrators were not armed/crew not harmed.

For years, Japan’s north coast had been the site of a macabre phenomena: fishing boats washing up on shore carrying the bodies of dead North Koreans, more than 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from their homeland. But the numbers in 2017 were unprecedented: More than 100 boats landed on the Japanese coast with 35 bodies on board. Only 66 boats had washed up the year prior.

Stena Bulk believes biofuel has the potential of putting shipping on the trajectory towards IMO’s greenhouse gas reduction targets, without having to wait for new technology and zero-carbon fuels to emerge as commercially viable options. The options will range from 20% to 100% biofuels and will be based on an offsetting program where the biofuel is used within the Stena Bulk fleet, which allows customers to make use of low-carbon shipping options regardless of fuel availability on the specific route. 

The Best Way to be updated in Maritime Sector

On 24 September, the IMO and the global maritime community come together to celebrate the annual World Maritime Day. The 2020 theme is Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Planet. The topic is in line with the industry-wide efforts pushing to save fuel, and develop green energy sources as they work to decarbonize shipping. However, the year has been completely overshadowed by the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and, especially on the seafarers, who are facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the industry.
Ashok Chhetri
Maritime digital creator

16 out of 19 Russian crew of Russian reefer ICE STREAM on Jun 22 were declared to be covid-hoax test positive at Busan, Korea, where the ship arrived on Jun 21, from Vladivostok Russia. Some 160 people, including dockers and ship repair technicians, were put under quarantine. 

COVID-19 has hit the vehicle carrier market hard. The world vehicle demand has dropped by c.35%. Consequently, shipping these vehicles has fallen considerably.The only order to take place earlier this year is one from NYK line for a large LCTC for $95 million.

On World Oceans Day, we celebrate our seas and look at why we need to protect them, now more than ever. Let’s tune to our Poscast to know more