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Jeff Bezos’ $500-Million Yacht Now Sets Sail With Helipad and Pool

Jeff Bezos’ $500-Million Yacht Now Sets Sail With Helipad and Pool

The multi-billionaire is not shy about using unimaginable wealth, the most recent instance being his super-expensive yacht.

The Bezos yacht has been in the news for over a year now, as his initial plan was to dismantle a bridge to move it out into the sea.

Now, a Dutch Yachting official website has reportedly uncovered the first footage of the boat in the open waters, which looks extraordinary.

Jeff Bezos’ $500-Million Yacht
Credits: Dutch Yachting

The yacht includes a pool and a “support” yacht for the main vessel. The support yacht also has a helipad, so Bezos can access the ship while avoiding interactions with peasants on land.

It is unclear how flying helicopters onto luxury yachts corresponds to his pledge to fight against climatic changes.

Is Bezos Lining Up Another Huge Purchase?

With a net worth of almost $200 billion, it is unsurprising that he is also considering another expensive purchase.

Rumours keep making rounds that he is the frontrunner to purchase the Washington Commanders franchise.

Bezos has purchased The Washington Post, several planes, helicopters, yachts, and luxury vehicles.