How to join merchant Navy as GP or after 10th in 2020

Step by Step guide to join Merchant Navy as GP or after 10th.

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Have you completed your 10th??? You want a job which gives you money while travelling? Yes you guys heard right, you can have a career after 10th that’s also while travelling.
GP Rating is general purpose rating in Merchant Navy. The GP guys are helpful hands who have seamanship skills, and know almost every job onboard ship.The higher post they become is Bosun,who is assistant head of deck department.
Below is step by step guide to join GP.

1. Eligibility for join Merchant Navy after 10.

  1. Candidates should be 10th pass from well known school.
  2. Candidates shall have more than 60% in English.
  3. Candidates 10th percentage shall be more than 60%.
  4. Shall be fit for this job physically as well as mentally.
  5. Age limit of 17-25
  6. Candidates must have ey vision of 6/6(normal) on both eye, Medically fit by sight and hearing as prescribed by Merchant Shipping,2000 as amended.

2. A Mentor

If you have seen my previous blogs Step by Step guide to join Merchant Navy After 12. I had mentioned about this point also. Why you need a mentor is because experience is everything in Merchant Navy. A mentor can tell you pros and cons of Merchant Navy which ultimately help you to choose your path. You are like a new born baby in Merchant navy world. You have no idea about what will be there out at sea,what you will have to face,how difficult is life onboard ship. A good Mentor will help you give a good idea about this field and you can rethink about your idea  more clearly.

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3. Sponsorship for job in Merchant Navy

If you have job before joining any course what else you need? There are companies which gives sponsorship to GPs. Contact companies, try your best.If you get it’s great. If you didn’t get no problem companies take boys after competitions of there course too. 

4. Choosing Best Merchant Navy College.

Frankly saying, In Merchant Navy cheating cases has been reported highly. Some cheats you by becoming agents, some cheats by fake institute. As the course fee is high, cheating level is also high. Be aware, choose wisely, take enough information before joining. Institute provides you placement if your performance is upto their requirements.

In my opinion, anyone intrested in doing job rather than studying can do GP Rating Course and can join Merchant navy at an early age.