How to Choose BEST Merchant Navy Institute in 2020

Choose Your BEST Merchant Navy Institute in India

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Imu CET 2019 result has been announced. Lots of cadets will go for counseling where as some don’t. If you think practically, all can’t be able to get government Merchant Navy college. Priority will be given to lower castes,OBC then General.
In this field, the private institutes are good and not like other field private colleges. Almost every private Merchant navy colleges provide placement depending  upon the performance of cadets.
Don’t panic or get depressed thinking what if I didn’t get government college and all. There are lots of institute around you searching for you.
Don’t just go there in hurry 

Take your time.



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Some of the things you should keep in your mind before choosing Maritime Institute.

1.Review before join Merchant Navy College

When you are buying something online what you check? Yes you check prices, information and all but the reviews what we read is the hidden factor which gives us a trust factor that yes this product is has been used by someone and they are happy so as I will be. Like that, first talk someone who is studying from the institute. And please don’t take decision based on sayings of administrative staffs of institute. So how you will get people’s of that institute to talk. Some may have someone who are there and who don’t have anyone contact me and I will  try to connect you with anyone from that college. Insta- @thingsmarine Facebook- Marine Things


2.Merchant Navy Course details

Every institute doesn’t provide all the courses of Merchant Navy. Some may provide only deck courses or some may only provide Engine courses.

All the matime institutes have their own websites. Check their websites. Take out all the information of the institute. Talk to the administrative staffs.


3. Fees structure of Institute

All maritime institutes have different fees structure. But it will be of certain range into which it differs. For BSC it will around 9-12 lakhs for 3 years. For btech it will be around 12-15 lakhs. For GP it will 2-4 lakhs For GME it will be around 2.5-4 lakhs. Ask the institute for detail fee structure. What some of the maritime institute do is they will say this is total fees but when you will join they will start saying you need this and all. Ask them proper fees structure so that you don’t have to suffer during the course.

4. Surrounding Or Place of Institute

Whether your course is of 4 month or 6 month or 4 years. You should know the surroundings where you are going to be live during course. All institutes have hostel facilities and it is mandatory to be in hostel. Don’t indulge in any drugs cases as this is very seriously taken by maritime institute. Some of the institute only allow you to go outside the institute only on Sundays. Be prepared, this field will ruin your dream college life.

*It’s recommend by me to choose Imu affiliated institute. For BSC there are two IMU affiliated colleges
 1. Hindustan Institute of Maritime training (Chennai)
2. Tolani Maritime Institute (Pune,Mumbai)

Choose wisely
Be patience😀

Any querries feel free to ask me