How to apply for BSID/SID online?

Apply for BSID/SID Card ASAP!! Here is how?

What is BSID/SID?

Biometric Seafarer Identity document is a biometric based identity smart card for marine personnel.

Unlike conventional BSIDs, which use two finger or iris scan biometrics for establishing the identity of the holder, Indian BSIDs use facial recognition technology, which is a world’s first. This ensures foolproof identification and makes forgery or impersonation impossible. An estimated 2,00,000 Indian seafarers are employed in this industry and will benefit from this card.

The relevant information of the BSID holders is uploaded to a national database and will be internationally accessible.

What is the significance of BSID?

  1. Foolproof establishing and authentication of identity
  2. Protection of privacy of the individual seafarer as the personal data is encoded
  3. Make the process of securing employment easier for Indian seafarers especially with foreign companie
  4. Makes identity theft impossible

General Instruction before applying for BSID

1.Your internet browser must support 128 bit encryption and must have java script enabled.

2.The minimum versions of mizilla firefox that this site supports are version 40.0.x or higher.

3.The time to download pages depends on your internet service providers speed

4.It is mentioned that the details in your CDC and INDOS database would be captured in your Seafarers Identity Document. Hence if you wish to make any change in the INDOS and CDC database, you may please do so before applying for the SID. For changes in INDOS database such as name, date of birth, place of birth, state of birth, country of birth, nationality, height, hair color, eye color, identification mark, complexion please send an e-mail to INDOS cell at “[email protected]” with a scanned copy of INDOS certificate, Passport and CDC.

5.You are requested to ensure that your data related to Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC) and INDOS Number in the database of the Directorate General of Shipping is correct, updated and linked. In cases the details are not visible in CDC checker, then the candidate may please fill and submit an online application available at ( after which an online application number would be generated. The said application will be processed by respective Shipping Master office. Queries with respect to such application may please be taken up with the respective Shipping Master office, by sending email to the IDs given above with a copy to the supervisory officer. The application number may please be mentioned in the e-mail. In those cases, wherein the CDC details are visible in the checker, but the INDOS number is not reflected or incorrectly reflected in the CDC details, it indicates that the CDC and INDOS data requires integration. In such cases, the seafarer may please fill the excel sheet given therein and forward the same by e-mail to the respective shipping master. The Shipping Master office, after necessary verification would, forward the same to e-Governance cell for integration. The correct data would be automatically reflected, once the integration is carried out. Time required for the same would be seven working days.

6.Other than the above, if the candidate wishes to make any correction in the INDOS database or CDC data, then he may first get the same done by approaching the office of INDOS cell or Shipping master, as case may be and get the desired correction done.

How to apply for BSID?

1Before proceeding you must read the general instructions and collect the required documents.
2Login to the SID portal with your INDOS number and the password.
3Click on the Link “Apply for SID”
4Check the personal details in the form and click to continue.
5Fill the address details and click continue
6Fill other details and click continue
7Make payment through e-payment portal
8Submit the application
9Click on “Schedule Appointment” on the screen to schedule an appointment.
10Select the collection centre along with the date and time from the slots available.
11Your application would be transmitted online to the verification officer, who will check the application.
12Within 10 days of submission of application, you will receive a notification on the verification result of the application through an e-mail.
13You are informed that the fee once paid is non-refundable. Your appointment would be treated as confirmed, only on payment of the fee.
14If you wish to reschedule your confirmed appointment (after payment of fee), same can be done do so for maximum two more occasions (excluding the first appointment). If you reschedule your appointment for more than two occasions, then you will have to pay the fee again. In other words fee once paid is valid only for three appointments.
15Please report to the collection centre at the appointed date and time.
16Please bring the printout of the Print report/Acknowledgment report,original passport,original CDC and the copy receipt of payent for verification.Data capturing personanel,after examining your dcuments would return the same and caputre your biometric data i.e photograph.
17Seafarers Identity Document would be issued and printed.

Same shall be dispatched by speed post AD within two working days.

What are the documents required to apply for BSID

  1. Passport
  2. CDC

How much BSID costs?

It will cost you Rs 300 and you can reschedule your appointment upto 2 times extra. Means You can schedule your appointment for 3 times if you don’t attend then you have to pay the amount again.

How much time does it take to get my BSID card?

Within 10 days of submission of application, you will receive a notification on the verification result of the application through an e-mail.

On your appointment date after verification, your BSID card will be couriered to your address within 1-2 weeks.

What are the Collection Centres for BSID?

Nine data collection centers have been setup at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Noida, Goa, New Mangalore, Kochi, Vizag & Kandla for issue of BSID. Every Indian seafarer who possesses a valid Continuous Discharge Certificate issued by the Govt. of India will be eligible for issue of a BSID. 


The Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention (Revised), 2003 (No. 185)  – [ratifications  ] replaces ILO Convention No. 108, adopted in 1958. It establishes a more rigorous identity regime for seafarers with the aim of developing effective security from terrorism and ensuring that the world’s seafarers will be given the freedom of movement necessary for their well-being and for their professional activities and, in general, to facilitate international commerce.

The Convention sets out the basic parameters and allows the details in its annexes, like the precise form of the identity document (ID), to be easily adapted subsequently to keep up with technological developments. A major feature of the ID is a biometric template based on a fingerprint. A Resolution accompanying the Convention requests the ILO Director-General to take urgent measures for the development of “a global interoperable standard for the biometric, particularly in cooperation with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)”. It also makes provision for the facilitation of shore leave and transit and transfer of seafarers, including the exemption from holding a visa for seafarers taking shore leave.

To avoid the risk of an ID being issued to the wrong person, the Convention also requires ratifying member States to maintain a proper database available for international consultation by authorized officials and to have and observe adequate procedures for the issuance of IDs. Those procedures, which cover not only the security aspects but also the necessary safeguards for individual rights, including data protection, will be subject to transparent procedures for international oversight.


Further information on the Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention:

What to do if my BSID gets rejected?

If your BSID gets rejected for any reason you can choose APPELLATE MECHANISM available in BSID Webpage.

The appellate mechanism in case, the candidate is denied an SID– The appellate mechanism would be offline. First appellate authority would be the Principal Officer. The candidate may approach the Principal Officer having jurisdiction over the shipping master. The Principal Officer, shall, after giving an opportunity y to the candidate of being heard, may pass an order within 15 days of the appeal.

In case, the Candidate is not satisfied with the order of the Principal Officer, he may file a second appeal with the Director General of Shipping, who after giving an opportunity to the candidate, may pass an order within thirty days of such appeal.

Recent DG Shipping Notices regarding Seafarers Identity Document card.

Can I sit for my Competency courses and Exams without BSID card?

After 01.04.2022 Seafarers who all will not be having SID will not be able to aplly for

a) Issuance of Renewal/Duplicate/Replacement of CDCs;
b) Issuance/Revalidation of all CoCs & Cops.
c) Admission to all Competency, Simulator & Modular Courses except Basic Safety Training (BST), Security Training for Seafarer with Designated security Duties (STSDSD) which are required for issuance of CDC and BSID.

Can I do Basic STCW course without BSID Card?

Yes you can.