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Cruise chef starts biryani stall after losing job due to pandemic, netizens laud his spirit

For the past few months, life has changed drastically for many across the globe. Among them is Akshay Parkar who felt the brunt of the pandemic. Once a chef for 7 star hotels and cruises, Parkar lost his job due to Covid-19. However, instead of losing faith, he showed indomitable spirit and worked towards making the best out of a challenging situation. He started selling biryani at a roadside stall in Dadar, Mumbai.

Parkar’s story came into the limelight after a Facebook page @Beingmalwani shared a post about him. The post, when loosely translated from Marathi, explains how despite facing various hurdles, he remained determined to get his business up and running. It also mentions the place where he sells his food.

The post is complete with a few images of a smiling Parker standing in front of his stall.

The post received tons of heartwarming comments from people. There were many who wished Parkar good luck for all his future endeavours. Some also inquired about the price of the food.

“Congratulations and powers to you bro,” wrote a Facebook user. “Please share this post, support him,” expressed another.

Parkar also shared the post on his personal Facebook profile and people reacted in a similar way. An individual wrote, “All the best.” “Let’s support him,” shared another.