Chart Folio System Onboard Ship

Chart Folio

Chart folios are the folder of charts used on board a ship in which charts are kept in a systematic manner. Folio covers are mode of canvass or other appropriate material capable of holding charts. A list of charts within it and a table of correction record is posted outside of the folio cover.
Chart folios are used to maintain the list of charts in numerical order for case of reference-
A ship playing all over the world and having no fixed route may maintain international folio system or standard folio system, maintained by the company as per BA number thus BA 1 to BA 300 may be listed in folio BA 301 to BA 600 may be listed in folio 2 & so on.
Chart Folio System Onboard Ship
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Maintain Chart Folio

An updated and corrected chart folio system comprises of  Chart correction Log and Folio Index, Admiralty Chart catalogue, Admiralty Sailing Directions , Weekly Notices to Mariners , Annual Summary of Notices to Mariners,   Admiralty List of Lights , Admiralty List of Radio Signals , Admiralty Tide tables , Chart – 5011 Symbols and abbreviations to be used  on charts.  The following points to be considered in order to maintain updated chart folio onboard:
  • The chart correction log should have details of all charts present onboard with index of corrections (temporary and preliminary also) mentioned against each chart number. All the charts and publications are to be corrected on weekly basis following instructions provided in weekly notices to mariners and the correction numbers to be entered in the same index mentioned above against chart numbers respectively, so that it can be used as a quick reference to check status of corrections for any chart
  • There should be a designated chart supplier or service provided on a timely basis without delays to supply new charts and new editions applicable to the folios onboard. Other than that weekly Notice to mariners, Annual summary of Notices to Mariners, their supplements should be provided
  • There should be equipment onboard and services to receive Navigational warnings, and Navtex warning
  • Whenever a new chart or new edition is published, Weekly Notices to Mariner carry a notification of the same. On receiving a new edition or a new chart the chart correction log is to be updated with the relevant folio number against the chart number in the index and ‘NC’ or ‘NE’ to be inserted adjacent to the chart number in the correction index. The chart to be verified for any pending temporary and preliminary corrections and navigational warnings
  • On receiving a chart or a notification through weekly notices to mariners which replaces a previous chart , insert in the chart correction log ‘replaced by’ or ‘cancelled by’ against the mentioned chart. The folio number to be inserted on the replacement chart received.